Dell Ubuntu Netbook

Douglas Pollard dougpol1 at
Mon Jun 8 16:44:03 UTC 2009

Hi fgolks,
    I bought my wife a Dell Ubuntu Netbook  it has a 3.8Gig solid state 
drive. ( No hard drive). It also has a dell modified version of Ubuntu 
to make it smaller.  I installed and updated for ubuntu that installed 
all the programs and files dell had removed from the installed version. 
Now I need to reinstall dells version from a CD as the main drive is 
full of files. The net book  does not have a cd drive I'm thinking I 
might be able to run the cd in my ubuntu computer  and reinstall in 
Ubuntu in the dell computer through a USB port.  Does anyone have any 
advice on this and how to do it??

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