Anti-Virus Utilities on linux/ubuntu

Franz Waldmüller waldbauernbub at
Mon Jun 8 07:03:58 UTC 2009

NoOp schrieb:

> I decided to run Bitdefender (linux version)
> on the DVD's. What do you know; 7 trojaned .mp3 music files in the bunch
> with:
> Trojan.Downloader.WMA.Wimad.S and Trojan.Downloader.WMA.Wimad.Z.
I would check the program which rips the mp3s.

> To make a long story short; shreded the DVD's, used Bitdefender to scan
> and clean the drive (via samba no less to the Knoppix: just had
> Bitdefender connect to the .gvfs samba mounted drive ), reburned the
> uninfected music & his document files, etc., and now I feel comfortable
> enough to give the resulting DVD's to him to load onto his new laptop.
> So dear readers, as I've said in the past, there is indeed a good reason
> to keep a good linux based AV utility around...
There are good reasons around not to install software from third parties.

> [1] He has reason to run Windows on his laptop...
He has one reason to drop Windows or to put it into a virtualbox.
But to agree with you: Linux won't save you from malware if the user 
installs it with
sudo dpkg -i mp3-download-accelerator.deb

Of course there are good reasons to keep a virus scanner. Right now I 
prefer to teach and educate my users what to do and what not.

Thanks for your post, don't be angry with me for being picky.

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