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Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at
Sun Jun 7 02:11:06 UTC 2009

Steven Susbauer wrote:
> Karl F. Larsen wrote:
>>     Pretty Good Privacy or PGP is a system to encode a message so that 
>> only you or another person you give the right to, can decode the 
>> message. I was looking around with Google and discovered that 
>> was there but they will only sell you a version for like 
>> $250.00 for Windows.
>>     Just on a lark I tried $ sudo aptitude install pgp and it did! I had 
>> to search around to find any information but then found man pgpgpg and 
>> it has most of what you need. I found out how to make me a new Public 
>> and Private key which I did and did decode a file I have in my computer.
>>     This is a Command Line version of PGP and it is designed to be used 
>> by business. You can build up a system that encodes outgoing email and 
>> decodes incoming mail that you have on your key ring.
>>     There are a few things nice about this version. The software runs on 
>> Ubuntu. It never gets out of date. It is free of all cost. You can use 
>> it as much as you please.
>> And you can get it back if you hard drive crashes.
>> 73 Karl
> gnupg is installed by default, it is accessed through the gpg command.
> It is used in place of the commercial PGP product. Seahorse (the program
> you hate due to it managing keychains) may be used to easily manage your
> own keys, as well as keeping track of public keys of others.
    I do not have Seahorse installed I do not think. I am having 
problems I think because the only help is a man page. And I have no idea 
what the system is doing most of the time. I thought I was getting it to 
put the public key into a file but it failed. I can't figure out why.

    If you know of any good help for this version please pass it along.

73 Karl


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