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Steven Susbauer steven at
Sun Jun 7 01:54:20 UTC 2009

Karl F. Larsen wrote:
>     Pretty Good Privacy or PGP is a system to encode a message so that 
> only you or another person you give the right to, can decode the 
> message. I was looking around with Google and discovered that 
> was there but they will only sell you a version for like 
> $250.00 for Windows.
>     Just on a lark I tried $ sudo aptitude install pgp and it did! I had 
> to search around to find any information but then found man pgpgpg and 
> it has most of what you need. I found out how to make me a new Public 
> and Private key which I did and did decode a file I have in my computer.
>     This is a Command Line version of PGP and it is designed to be used 
> by business. You can build up a system that encodes outgoing email and 
> decodes incoming mail that you have on your key ring.
>     There are a few things nice about this version. The software runs on 
> Ubuntu. It never gets out of date. It is free of all cost. You can use 
> it as much as you please.
> And you can get it back if you hard drive crashes.
> 73 Karl

gnupg is installed by default, it is accessed through the gpg command.
It is used in place of the commercial PGP product. Seahorse (the program
you hate due to it managing keychains) may be used to easily manage your
own keys, as well as keeping track of public keys of others.

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