Upgrade Time! But I need help.

Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 4 21:34:26 UTC 2009

J Bickhard wrote:
> I just got my Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop Edition cd in the mail today! Yay!
> However, I cannot find an obvious way to upgrade without re-installing
> altogether. Is there someway to just straight-up upgrade from the CD?
> I don't have internet on my Ubuntu machine.
> Jake, Editor of Micro 100 Magazine
    I have seen where others say you must use the other CD-Rom not the 
LiveCD for upgrades, but I am not sure why....

As for me I never upgrade. I make a new partition and load your 9.04 
there. Then I get busy and change /etc/fstab to load my personal stuff 
at /home/karl/ . The personal stuff is in it's partition. This works 
real good.

73 karl


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