Concerns regarding Ubuntu 9.04

Mike McGinn mikemcginn at
Thu Jun 4 17:36:35 UTC 2009

On Thursday 04 June 2009 13:23:44 marc wrote:
> Amichai Rotman said:
> Please switch off HTML.
> I'm a long time kde user who has switched to gnome due to the kde4/9.04
> clusterfuck.
> I disliked gnome intensely, I still dislike the gnome registry - a
> triumph of conservative control-freakery over imagination and common
> sense, but I digress - so it wasn't an obvious choice, and I tried quite
> a few others before settling on gnome.
> The fact is that despite its very obvious shortcomings, gnome, with
> judicious use of compiz (see compizconfig-settings-manager), offers very
> similar control to kde.
> The clincher for me, though, is gnome do. This application pours salt on
> kde4's wounds, and offers control far beyond what kde is currently
> offering.
> Another nice touch is a package to revert the horrible new notification
> system.
> I can't vouch for your hardware, but I have far less issues in gnome; for
> one, bluetooth works for me; it just crashes all the time in kde.
> I agree with you about kcontrol, but I think that sums up where the kde
> folk lost the plot. Perhaps they'll find it again.
> In the meantime, just install gnome-desktop - no need to reinstall - and
> hold your nose. Once you get into it, you might find you like it. It sure
> beats thumping your head against the wall day after day with kde4. And
> you can keep using all your favourite kde apps too, I do.
> --
> Best,
> Marc
> "Change requires small steps."

I concur fully (though I have not tried compiz -- yet), I went back to 8.10 
and I am using gnome. I use two KDE applications (Kontact and Konsole) and 
they both run quite nicely under gnome. I have my desktop looking the way I 
like it (I switched the top and bottom panels -- among other things) and I 
just might stay with the gnome desktop. I am considering migrating to 
Evolution, but having to set up all my mail filters again seems too daunting 
right now,

I find that Konsole is much more configurable than the gnome terminal, so I will 
never be switching from that. I do most of my work on the command line.

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