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Wed Jun 3 18:17:59 UTC 2009

On 06/03/2009 07:37 AM, chuck wrote:
> I have succeeded in installing Ubuntu from Vista using MagicDisk and 
> mounting the ISO to a virtual CR-Rom. It installed fine, and I now have 
> Ubuntu as an obtion along with XP Pro and Vista on the boot menu.
> I am a complete noob with Unix os. What books, tutorials, other resources 
> would you recommend to get me up to speed?
You can download it in pdf format for free & then please order the paper
version afterwards.

All of the's can be searched using standard google
search context.

> Also having a difficult time getting the Altheros Wireless Nic on my Compaq 
> Presario to connect. The layout of Ubuntu is so different...
> I have tried following the method on, 
> but no help. Any guidance here?

In type atheros in the search box.
That will lead you to basic guidance for drivers etc: However, I'm
not sure that last is the most helpful... I'd check the advise others
with the same hardware have to offer here on the list first.

Oh, and Welcome to Ubuntu land! :-)

> Chuck in E. TN 

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