office 2k7 problem

Ray Leventhal ubuntu at
Wed Jun 3 15:42:14 UTC 2009

Haseeb ul Hasan wrote:
> Question 1
> I am a rookie user. (Ubuntu 8.04 x64)
> I have googled on how to install office 2007 on it. Got success in 
> installing wine and wine tricks. Got the iso downloaded of office 2007. 
> Successfuly installed gmount iso to mount the disc.
> Successfully started installing, but on the halfway through it gives and 
> unknown error and closes.

IMNSHO, you'll find CrossOver/Linux from Codeweavers [1] most helpful as 
  Office 2007 is one of the supported applications.

The basics:  Yes, WINE is the ticket, but the folks at Codeweavers (the 
most significant supporters of the WINE project, btw) have developed a 
few not-open features which make the whole process far easer, again 
IMNSHO.  I think of their product as WINE-heavy.

The other side of this is OpenOffice from Sun [2] is available and 
likely already installed on your current 8.04 system.  If there's 
something that OO can't do (or can't do without major learning curve) I 
fallback to M$ Office through [1].

I hope this helps.


[2] *

*caveat: on Ubuntu, please try to use software from repositories as it 
keeps your system secure, up-to-date and less likely to encounter 
conflicts down the road.

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