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On Wed, Jun 3, 2009 at 7:46 AM, Haseeb ul Hasan <urhhoney at> wrote:

> Question 1
> I am a rookie user. (Ubuntu 8.04 x64)
> I have googled on how to install office 2007 on it. Got success in
> installing wine and wine tricks. Got the iso downloaded of office 2007.
> Successfuly installed gmount iso to mount the disc.
> Successfully started installing, but on the halfway through it gives and
> unknown error and closes.
> Has anybody out there successfully installed office 2k7 (including visio
> 2k7)

Whilst I have not installed Office on any Linux platform, I still would not
reccomend it.  Have you had a look at Open Office as an alternative?  It is
compatible with 2007

> pls help.
> Question 2
> plus plz provide help if i download a software through terminal, cuz i was
> copying pasting commands from blogs etc (which i donot know what they mean)
> thats how i installed wine and other things....where does ubuntu paste the
> temp installer files and as my office installer crashed (total installer was
> worth 1.2 gigs) it might have installed 600mb or so...where does all the
> incomplete inslalation go, because it seems to occupy space on my hdd, and
> how can i remove them...

AFAIK wine keeps the temp files for Windows app insatllations in the same
location as they would in a native windows install.  That is to say it will
be somewhere /home/username/.wine/drive_c/...... somewhere in there.

For the link provided is good, however all you basically need to know are:

apt-cache search <app name> eg. apt-cahce search firefox

this searches your repo and outputs a list of available packages (can be
handy if looking for a dependancy for somthing)

apt-get install <app name> eg. apt-get install firefox


apt-get remove <app name> eg apt-get remove firefox

Both do exactly what they say on the tin

Have fun

> thanks in advance.
> Regards
> MH
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