newbie installation question

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Wed Jun 3 05:19:14 UTC 2009

> I am now finished with downloading.  It is 699 MB

AHHH, 699 not 715, phew ! That should work much better ! ;-)

> > No wonder it didn't work... an ISO image is not just a file, it's an
> > image of the media (hence it's name).
> Hence its name?  I lost you.  The only letter in ISO that I can see
> in "image of the media" is I.  What does the rest of the acronym
> stand for?  Or is it acronym at all?

Huuu, here, I only meant that the terminology calls it an ISO
"image" (rather than "file") for a good reason ! ;-)

> > So an "image" of a CD can only be go to a CD media, not DVD!
> > And vice versa.  So you must burnt your ISO to a CD not a DVD.
> I take your word for it.  But why is that?  Isn't a bit just a bit?  Why
> can't a set of bits put onto CD and not DVD?

Well it's jsut how things are. A CD image is a CD image and a DVD image
is a DVD image... triyng to fit a sqaure in a round is not going to
work is it ?! ;-) I can understand that the fact tha ta DVD and a CD
medium are visually a similarly sied piece of round plastic, however in
the inside, a DVD is not a CD... hence why you (used to) require a
different optical drive to write a CD or a DVD.
When you had 3.5" and 5.25" floppy disks, you would not try to stuff a
3.5 disk into a 5.25" drive... same for a Cd and DVD... two different


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