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Tab Gilbert tabbox at
Wed Jun 3 00:45:58 UTC 2009

> I have a Dell laptop (latitude E6400) which came with
> Windows vista.  I downloaded ubuntu desktop 9.0.4
> to it, and burned dvd with it.  As I tried to boot from the
> DVD, it seems to ignore DVD and goes to disk and
> boots vista.
Hey -

Did you set the BIOS on the computer to look for a bootable system on the CD
drive before looking at the hard drive?  The key command to access the BIOS
flashes up on the screen when you start the machine. I think it is F7 but
yours will probably be different.  Press that key during start up and you
have a menu where you can change the start up configuration.  Also, once the
live CD is running you can do a checksum to make sure everything on the disc
is in order.

Give that a try and if you still have problems maybe one of the resident
experts will chime in. I have never burned an Ubuntu ISO image to DVD, have
always used a CD burned at a very low speed.  Are you sure you used the ISO
option on Roxio and not the copy option?

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