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Tue Jun 2 14:22:04 UTC 2009

Michael.Coll-Barth at wrote:
>> From: Karl F. Larsen
>>     Then if the test looks good go to System-Administration-Partition 
>> maker and run that and actually make a new partition for 
>> Ubuntu, about 
>> 20 GB and a Swap Partition of 3 GB.
> Two questions;
> 1) Shouldn't the swap size be twice the memory, or some such multiple?
> And, I don't think the swap can be too big.  In other words, if I have
> 1GB of memory and create a swap size of 8GB, shouldn't I be good with
> RAM upgrades through 4GB?  Are there issues other than wasted space?
How big swap size should be is an endlessly discussed topic. As of late, 
if you want to use the hibernation function (suspend to disk), it needs 
to be a little bit bigger than the amount of RAM you have (double it is 
plenty). And no, there are no issues other than wasted space for a huge 
swap partition.
> 2) Aren't swap files the recommended approach these days?
Not in Linux. Swap partitions are useful because they will be one 
continuous block of data (files could be fragmented, which would make 
them even slower than they already are), and you can easily use them in 
multiple distributions (they are usually automatically detected and 
utilised). Swap files have neither of those advantages, and the added 
disadvantage that if you accidently delete them ("What's this file? I 
don't need that, it's taking up loads of room and just contains junk!"), 
you might make the system crash.
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