no jaunty updated since the last 8 days?

Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at
Mon Jun 1 22:32:52 UTC 2009

Vincent Trouilliez wrote:
> "H.S." <hs.samix at> wrote:
>> Karl F. Larsen wrote:
>>>     I just got one update to cron today. Are you using sudo aptitude 
>>> update and then upgarde?
>> Yes. I used both aptitude (aptitude update; aptitude safe-upgrade) and
>> uppate manager to check. That lone upgrade you got could be due to a
>> package that you have but I don't.
> Hmm, that cron update I got it too ! The only update I had actually,
> when I ran the update manager following your post...
> And for a change, I had done a fresh install of Jaunty, rather than
> in-situ upgrade. I do'nt think any of the packages I installed pulled
> cron either... so I would think it's part of the standard Ubuntu
> install, so you should have it too ?
> It's easy to check if you have cron installed, and see its version
> number and log file so you can see the last time it was updated.
> --
> Vince
    Hi Vince locate cron got 30 locations but cron -v and --v get 
nothing and I can't find cron log. I looked all over /var/log/ ect.


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