Ubuntu 8.4 problem

Ray Leventhal ubuntu at swhi.net
Fri Jan 30 13:21:40 UTC 2009

> Karl,
> I use virtualbox every day.  Not every other day, not once in a while
> - every day.  It's absolutely painless to set up, and I run many
> high-end graphics programs - while running Ubuntu at the *same time*.
> It even works well with multiple monitors - so I am typing this in
> Ubuntu while the other monitor displays Illustrator inside an XP VM.
> I've dual (and triple, quadruple) booted systems for years, and it's
> certainly my opinion that wine (or a VM if wine does not work) is
> easier to set up, and *much* easier to use long-term than a dual-boot
> system.
> Now if Linda responds with what software she wants to use to do the
> embroidery editing, we can give her more informed advice as to the
> easiest solution to her problem ;)
> Chris

I know I'm jumping in late here, and I'm a new Ubuntu user - not a new 
Linux users as I've used RHEL and CentOS on my servers for a very long time.

For the first time I played around with Virtualbox last night and I'm 
still giddy with how easy it was to install, run and use.

The defaults worked flawlessly on my Dell Inspiron 9400/E1705 - where I 
wasn't sure of values, I took the suggested ones and in minutes I had a 
suitable virtual machine.  Loading that dreaded M$ operating system from 
my original (licensed) disk was a breeze and I'm very pleased to say 
I've now found my way to eliminate hard-M$ on any of my machines.

The only reason I sought out Virtualbox was to run QuickBooks which to 
date does not run on Linux (Intuit!! are you listening?!?!).

For my .02, Virtualbox is a simple, easy to use, fast solution to 
running M$Win on any machine full time.


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