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Chen Hanwei wrote:
> Hi, 
> I'm new to ubuntu. When I installed the live CD, it cannot go thru no matter how i tried. Ran Memtest86 2.10 and found lots of memory failures. Try to pull-off one memory stick, the memtest sounds OK. Changed both rams to 512 DIMM and found that memtest sounds fine too. But the liveCD still cannot go thru. It sounds that the installation is stucked somewher in BIOS (or may be incompatibility between motherboard and memory). Does any one solve similar issues?
> Specifications of my computer are:
> a) Gateway computer - Intel i845E/G/PE, 2.0G, 2048 DDR ram, 80G hd
> thanks,

We're gonna need the specific error message from the installation to
help you debug this.  Typically you can hit CTRL+ALT+F1 (or any other
Function key) to get to a console session (is it F8 for output?) that
displays the output of the installation process.  What does that tell you?

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