Best Motherboard for Ubuntu

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Thu Jan 29 15:05:39 UTC 2009

2009/1/29 Justin <eqisow at>:
> I assume you're talking about motherboards with integrated video, in which
> case chipset preference goes Intel > nvidia > ati. As far as the network
> interface goes, the only thing I've ever had trouble with is the occasional
> nvidia chip. Built in realtek and via sound chips are generally problem free
> as well.
> I can try to point you towards a specific model if you give me more info.
> Price range, what it's for, etc.

ATI has really improved their open source image in tha past year. I
would actually put them above Intel now. Intel has better FOSS
drivers, but the fglrx drivers from ATI are very decent now, and there
are open source ATI drivers that will soon rival the FOSS Intel ones.
As it stands, for 2D Intel is freer, for 3D ATI is top dog.

Dotan Cohen


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