Ubuntu 8.4 problem

Lucio M Nicolosi lmnicolosi at gmail.com
Thu Jan 29 11:27:14 UTC 2009

Avi Greenbury wrote:
> Note, though, that the free bit only covers VirtualBox - you will still 
> need whatever permissions are appropriate to use any OS in it. So to 
> (legally) have Windows XP running in VirtualBox, you'd need to have gone 
> out and bought a retail box of it (if indeed the XP EULA allows for 
> virtual machine installation).
> The reality is that any OEM install CD is likely to work in the short 
> term, but will likely be picked up by WGA.
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Since Linda said that:

"I tried to install Windows with Ubuntu but all it will do is open the 
folders and not let me run anything."

I assumed she has a copy of the MS OS (that, by the way, should be 
provided by the hardware manufacturer if it is a strict requirement to 
run the equipment, but of course this is just wishful thinking)


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