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Wade Smart wadesmart at
Wed Jan 28 22:32:27 UTC 2009

Karl F. Larsen wrote:
> Wade Smart wrote:
>> Karl F. Larsen wrote:
>>> Wade Smart wrote:
>>>> Chris Mohler wrote:
>>>>> On Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 1:31 PM, Wade Smart <wadesmart at> wrote:
>>>>>> and to Karla and Steve... if I wasnt short of money I would. But this
>>>>>> was working just fine with the parallel to usb and then I put in new ink
>>>>>> and it wont work.
>>>     Let me understand this. You put new ink in the printer and it 
>>> stopped working? Why are we talking about cups and /dev/ttyS0 when the 
>>> problem is he/she got a bad ink or installed it wrong?
>>>     Fix the ink problem and then perhaps all will be good.
>>> Karl
>> 20090128 1551 GMT-5
>> Woo dont take that out of context.
>> I ran out of ink a month or so ago and the printer sat until I got some 
>> more. When I installed the ink I moved the printer over to another table 
>> so I unplugged the cable. When I moved the printer back and plugged in 
>> the cable and I started having problems again.
>> And I can print as I said a few posts back:
>> wadesmart at wadesmart:~$ sudo echo "Printer Test" > /dev/ttyUSB0
>> That will sent a job to the printer but you have to manually press GO on 
>>   the printer to get it to print. However, that is not very efficient.
>> Wade
>     Press GO on the printer? This is unusual since all my printers both 
> Laser and ink jet just work and have no GO button. On my old Brother 
> Laser it has a button to start the printer for instance, after you run 
> out and add more paper.
>     In any case the button has nothing to do with your cable problems I 
> guess.
> Karl

20090128 1630 GMT-5

Right, I should have to press go but then again, when Im using the echo 
command, and using a serial to usb... it just doesnt understand.

I just borrowed my friends inkjet and tried the parallel to usb and its 
giving errors on his windows system as well.

I give in on this one. Ill just find a $30 card. For now that is cheaper 
than a new printer. :D

Thanks all


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