need help to learn installing

amit raichura amit.j.raichura at
Wed Jan 28 14:33:13 UTC 2009

hi all,

  I am very new to use linux/ubuntu, though i dont know about anything
to work with ubuntu 8.1. I am facing problem to connecting my pocket pc
with ubuntu as there is no any active sync. is available for linux though
i did search and found synce source file but I dont know how to install
it. as per windows experiance if we double click on 8.exe file it will
run us to installing file but in this case * file which i have
downloaded its totally diffrant and I dont know how to install it or
compaile it to convert it in the form of application/software.

  help me in basic stap as this is my ABCD...of ubuntu/linux.

With Kind Regards
For Superon Schweisstechnik India Ltd.

Amit Raichura
(Rajkot-Area Manager)
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