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Wed Jan 28 03:06:33 UTC 2009

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Ed Mackley @ 01/27/2009 04:05 PM:
> Ed ubuntu newbe. 
> My daughter gave me her old, but nice Toshiba lap with XP trouble and bugs and lost the XP DC. didn't want to $$$ for a new CD. my son-in-law said to try ubuntu so I'm here, trying to fix it for my wife who uses Family tree maker and doesn't won't to use anything else
> I'm trying to install a  ("virtual machine") I installed wine the other day and couldn't get it to load IE6 & FTM. Son-in-law he uses VMware at work so I installed it using http://www.howtoforge.com/how-to-install-vmware-server-2-on-an-ubuntu-8.04-desktop  Sudo commands. but I can't open it and some how it is in the applications dropdown list on wine's list and not in the app's list. I went to synaptic package manager and found it. boxes are not checked.

if i understand correctly the way vmware works (i haven't used it), then
you still need a license key for windows.  installing vmware is one
step, then you need to install windows within that.  so you will need
the XP CD and a license to complete that.

it looks like wine will run some middle versions of FTM (not new ones
nor old ones),


which version do you have?

if you have one of those versions that is lovingly rated "garbage".  i
think your only option is to install windows and run it within that.

even if you have one of the versions rated "silver", it seems there are
still functions that don't work properly.

you and your wife may need to be more diligent in switching to a native
linux alternative.  there are some suggestions for that also in that
link above.  i would really recommend trying them out.  you may find
they are better! ;)

"gramps" is available in the add/remove programs.  just check the box
next to what you want to install and click apply, after the installation
process is done, the icon to start the app shows up in the programs list

> ? #1 what do I need to do to take it off of the wines list and add it to the app's list. and 

i'm not sure what happened here.  what exactly are you talking about
that is in wine's list?  reading the link you provided, it looks like
vmware is managed within firefox, so there is no need for something to
be in the applications list.  if you want to uninstall vmware you'll
have to research that on vmware's website.

> ? #2 will checking the boxes  make it open or do I need to do something else also.

synaptic is kind of advanced for new users, so i would recommend
sticking to the add/remove programs.  anyway, after checking or
unchecking, you have to click the apply button and it will install or
remove what you have checked or unchecked.  after that, depending on
what you installed, it may show up in the applications list or you may
have to run it from command line.


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