Working with audio in Intrepid

Nigel Henry cave.dnb2m97pp at
Mon Jan 26 16:00:55 UTC 2009

On Monday 26 January 2009 16:19, Christian wrote:
> Hi all,
> Has anyone used Jackd on Intrepid?
> Many thanks,
> Christian

Hi Christian.

Yes, but mainly to checkout if my usb midi keyboard is playing sounds through 
ZynAddSubFX ok. I also have qjackctl installed, which gives a nice gui, and 
makes it easy to create midi connections.

I've left pulseaudio enabled on Ubuntu Intrepid 8.10, and jack doesn't appear 
to be having any problems with pulse. The soundcard is hda-intel (ALC662) on 
this machine, so jack has no doubt hogged the soundcard, which is usual with 
cards which are incapable of playing multiple audio streams, and is sort of 
confirmed by the Orca screenreader gui having changed to a plain white window 
with no buttons on it. Just stopped jack, and the Orca screenreader buttons 
come back, and Orca plays a few words.


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