[ubuntu-users] NTFS buggy under Ubuntu

Ted Hilts - Thunderbird Acct. thilts at mcsnet.ca
Sun Jan 25 20:50:45 UTC 2009

I am now convinced that a hard drive formatted NTFS operating under the 
Ubuntu OS is buggy by hanging because it cannot complete a critical 
housekeeping operation. Not only that but the Ubuntu OS cannot restore 
the ability in the bash shell to build a new directory.  The only way I 
have found to deal with this inability is to shut down the Ubuntu system 
and bring up the dual -booted XP system and then create a directory. 
Then I have to shut down the XP machine and boot up the Ubuntu machine 
which thereafter is able to create directories on the NTFS hard drive.  
The exercise of shutting down has no purpose other than to create on the 
dual-booted XP a new directory which can later be discarded on the 
Ubuntu machine.  In short, the NTFS  system operating under Ubuntu 
periodically hangs as explained.

Can someone fire off a bug report to the Ubuntu developers?

It's been a while so I am now asking.  I want to take a currently 
formatted NTFS hard drive and format it as ext3.  What provisions if any 
are needed to ensure that XP machines can access the share(s) on the 
newly formatted drive.

Also, what are the sequence of steps/commands or some template of such.  
For example, I think I have to first dismount the hard drive to be 
formatted, etc.

And also I want to create partitions which I think has to be done prior 
to the above formatting.

Last, but not necessarily the right order, I want to add another 
instance of Ubuntu on the existing dual boot arrangement of XP and 
Ubuntu. This means that one of 3 boots would be possible (one XP, and 
two Ubuntu -- the newest Ubuntu having a large partition for hibernation 
purposes. Since this new Ubuntu will be on the above ext3 disk and there 
are a total of 7 hard drives how do I identify and ensure that GRUB will 
properly deal with it and if not what would be the boot up command line 
that would force the boot (could I get an example?)

Would a Knoppix live CD be of any value for any of the above efforts? I 
can't believe I've forgotten so much and that so much has changed. It's 
been over 10 years since I messed with command level activities like 
this.  Too many automatic menu driven efforts make the mind go squashy.

Thanks -- Ted

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