Sites that require Internet Explorer

Derek Broughton derek at
Sun Jan 25 16:07:14 UTC 2009

Robert Parker wrote:

> On Sun, Jan 25, 2009 at 11:28 AM, Linda <haniganwork at> wrote:
>> Scott wrote:
>>> Pete Holsberg wrote:
>>>> What do Linux users do to access sites tht requite Internet Explorer?
>>> That really should not be a problem as very few sites outside Microsoft
>>> still have IE only.  I have not seen a IE only site in years myself.
>>> But, if I ever came across a IE only site I simply would not use it.
>>> That is a very poor way to design a website and there are always other
>>> sites that are not only-IE that will do the same thing.
>> Thats not always an option. We have several government sites that we are
>> required to use to file electronic forms and they only take Interent
>> explorer.
> Then send them the snail mail manual form.

That isn't necessarily an option - I know my company is required to file 
certain returns electronically (in Canada).  There is no longer a snail mail 
> The Australian Tax Office officials designing what type of online
> input they will accept are either completely stupid or have been
> bribed by Microsoft to prevent using FOSS solutions for data input
> from their taxpayers.

In any case, it deserves a complaint to the department responsible, to the 
department that oversees other departments use of the Internet, and to your 
political representatives.  If none of that gets any action, talk to the 
newspapers.  I do a lot of government work, and yes they pretty much 
exclusively use IE internally, but Canadian government standards still 
require public sites to be accessible to all. 

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