ssh within lan, bidirectional, causes Linksys wireless router to hiccough

Preston Kutzner shizzlecash at
Sun Jan 25 04:17:07 UTC 2009

On Jan 24, 2009, at 4:27 PM, Alan E. Davis wrote:

> On Sun, Jan 25, 2009 at 6:28 AM, Preston Kutzner <shizzlecash at 
> > wrote:
> Not exactly sure why it "clobbered" your wireless network, but  
> you're using scp wrong.  You don't need to ssh into a machine, then  
> scp from there back to the machine you're connected from.  You just  
> use scp from the client machine:
> Is this a violation of some protocol that would cause such a problem  
> as I observed, or just a more direct means to connect?  Is there a  
> larger amount of traffic back and forth that would confuse the router?

No, it's not a violation of any protocol, but it *is* needless.  scp  
can pull files from a host just as well as it can push them to it.   
So, it is extra, needles traffic.  It could just be the sheer volume  
of data that has overwhelmed the router.  I have experienced wireless  
routers buckle under the load of very large file transfers.  If the  
volume of (continuous) data is the problem, it could be a firmware  
issue.  You might want to check out dd-wrt or tomato.  I recommend  
this for any user if their hardware is supported and they're not  
afraid to flash Linux onto their wireless router.  I've found it to be  
*way* more stable than the factory firmware shipped with most wireless  
routers these days.  You'll have to check to see if your hardware is  
supported, though.
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