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Robert Holtzman holtzm at
Sat Jan 24 08:48:55 UTC 2009

On Fri, 23 Jan 2009, H.S. wrote:

> The syntax of the command is:
> $> rsync <options> <src> <dest>
> Your questions relates to <src> and <dest>.
> <src> is the source directory or file you want to sync to the remote
> destination. But this is a special argument. If the source path is ended
> with a "/" (a trailing slash), then the contents of that path are synced
> to the destination. So the command:
> $> rsync <options> /path/to/folder/ /remote/path
> will sync *contents* of "folder" to contents of "path" directory.
> But the command:
> $> rsync <options> /path/to/folder /remote/path
> will sync "folder" directory to "/remote/path" directory thus creating a
> "folder" directory in "path" at the destination.
> Hence the trailing slash in the source is important. At the same time,
> it is not important in the destination path.

I don't think the "/" in the example is a trailing /, it's the source 
(or did I misunderstand you?) which  I just had pointed out to me.

> Now, in your example, "/." actually should just mean "/", the period
> doesn't really do anything.

That appears to be correct.

Thanks for the reply.

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