PDF form question

Bart Silverstrim bsilver at chrononomicon.com
Thu Jan 22 14:41:12 UTC 2009

I have a PDF file someone sent me.

I opened it in Evince, and there's a text box with the text "Type text 
here" to customize the poster.

I click in the box, I enter text, and all seems fine.

But if I save or print the form with my text, it prints out with the 
original "Type text here" caption!

Information on the file says it is made by InDesign CS3 (5.0.4), with no 
encryption and no security, and is PDF version 1.4, optimized, created 
with Adobe PDF Library 8.0.

Anyone else see this before? Can it only be edited using a full-blown 
Adobe editor like Acrobat or InDesign? As it stands it would be a pain 
to have to hang the monitor on a wall with a REEEEAAAALY long monitor 
cable to display the customized content...

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