Is it possible to manually activate an eth0 connection? - Partially SOLVED!

Joep L. Blom jlblom at
Wed Jan 21 23:08:22 UTC 2009

Bas Roufs wrote:
> Dear Derek, Eberhard and Everybody
> Thx. again for your useful feedback.
> This sounds good. I transferred a copy of dhclient.conf from the
> laptop to the desktop. Than, I compared each time several lines of the
> copy file with the 'original' dhclient.conf file at the laptop. By
> doing so, it became clear that the dhclient.conf files at both
> machines are already exactly the same now; probably because of the
> distro updating carried out at the laptop via Adept update manager, a
> few hours ago.

> 'WLAN': how can I check whether my laptop offers this? Is there any
> terminal check command which can reveal it?
> Respectfully yours,
> Bas.
As you have trouble to obtain the nameservers (DNS) simple command can 
be used in the resolv.conf file in /etc.
My /etc/resolv.conf file (on my firewall) is :

The first is my local nameserver (not using bind but a special version 
of dnsmasque) and the important command is search name of the provider. 
Im my case even although chello is replaced by upc it still works.
The other ones are nameservers with other providers but are actually 
If one of my systems sends a request it is received by my local 
nameserver and handed down to the external nameserver with my provlder.
In your case it would be something like "search" (without the 
You actually can use my resolv.conf ( with the exeption of the local 
nameserver address) but the upc nameservers are not in the domain of 
your (internet) ip-address.
Hope this helps.

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