Is it possible to manually activate an eth0 connection? - Partially SOLVED!

Bas Roufs basroufs at
Wed Jan 21 20:23:07 UTC 2009

Dear Derek, Eberhard and Everybody

Thx. again for your useful feedback.

>>> bas at Viaconsensus1:~$ cat /etc/resolv.conf
>>> # Generated by NetworkManager
>>> domain lokaal
>>> search lokaal
>>> nameserver
>>> Via kdesudo kate I manually inserted the last three lines in the
>>> resolv.conf file at the laptop. This proved to be sufficient to
>>> establish the connection here. Right now, the laptop is downloading
>>> and installing a whole bunch of Kubuntu/ Ubuntu Intrepid updates.
>>> The question remains though, how to configure the settings in such a
>>> way that I can smoothly connect the laptop also anywhere else - via a
>>> ethernetmodem (eth0) or wireles (pan0).

> You're right - the next time you change connections, that's going to be
> lost.  It's actually controlled by dhclient, so compare
> /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf on the two machines.

This sounds good. I transferred a copy of dhclient.conf from the
laptop to the desktop. Than, I compared each time several lines of the
copy file with the 'original' dhclient.conf file at the laptop. By
doing so, it became clear that the dhclient.conf files at both
machines are already exactly the same now; probably because of the
distro updating carried out at the laptop via Adept update manager, a
few hours ago.

> for eth0, simply see my last mail about how to manually set it to dhcp.
I'm checking now whether it works.

> After this you do not need to care anymore for resolv.conf, since modern
> routers offer you dhcp, which in turn sets the nameservers, when you
> start is on your notebook.
I hope you are right - I will test it anyway.

> And please note, this is not an ethernet "modem",
With 'modem' I meant in fact the ethernet router giving me access to
the internet via my ISP.

> it is simply an internal ethernet card, which will work anywhere, where you get dhcp via Ethernet.

I hope you are right ...

> In regard to pan0, I have no clue, but when you google with "bluetooth
> networking", this should be sufficient.

Does anybody else have a clue about pan0? Could that be related to the
inbuilt bluetooth functionality in my laptop?

> If you really need to work anywhere, it might be worthwhile to
> investigate a WLAN pcmcia card, if your laptop does not offer WLAN natively.

'WLAN': how can I check whether my laptop offers this? Is there any
terminal check command which can reveal it?

Respectfully yours,


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