GUI for Servers

Paul Gupta paul at
Wed Jan 21 21:32:21 UTC 2009

Rashkae wrote:
> Mihamina Rakotomandimby (R12y) wrote:
>> Rashkae wrote:
>>>> Is it possible to install the graphic user interface on an Ubuntu server?
>>> Install the ubuntu-desktop package.  (and/or kubuntu-desktop, or
>>> xubuntu-desktop... you get the idea.)
>> <joke> ubuntu-server-desktop </joke> ;-)
> I wouldn't mind seeing such a package actually.
> In my dream perfect world, it would include gnome and a handful of
> useful apps that someone might need to use direct on a server (firefox,
> thunderbird/evolution, GUI admin tool), but without gdm, or the more
> user desktop specific extras, like the index search, network-manager, etc.
You mean a *GASP* lightweight ubuntu?

Whoever would have thought of such an idea?! 


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