And another Ubuntu convert!

Derek Broughton derek at
Wed Jan 21 16:23:11 UTC 2009

Mark Haney wrote:

> Gilles Gravier wrote:

>> H: Do I need an antivirus?
>> M: No.
> I'm a little late coming to this thread, but I have a problem.  I don't
> like the fact that you told her that she didn't need antivirus.
> WRONG!  Seriously, this is a dangerous presumption on your part.
> Granted there are very few linux viruses, but this type of attitude will
>  just make virus writers salivate.
> Please, please, throw clamav on there and cron freshclam for the latest
> updates.  And don't be tossing that around.  Everyone needs antivirus,
> regardless of OS or the perception of vulnerability of that OS.

Oh, crap.  _I_ don't run antivirus software on my windows machine.  The last 
time I almost got a virus infection was about 2000, when I actually clicked 
on a .exe (in Linux) and it launched Wine.  I just wanted to see what would 

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