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Alex Katebi alex.katebi at gmail.com
Wed Jan 21 14:55:30 UTC 2009

On Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 8:21 AM, Ruben Laban <r.laban at ism.nl> wrote:

> On Wednesday 21 January 2009 at 02:06 (CET), Alex Katebi wrote:
> > Anybody knows how to configure the Wake On LAN option of a NIC card in
> > Ubunutu?
> > WOL feature is used for powering on remotely.
> I never had to configure anything for this on either Windows and Linux
> machines. Enable WOL in the system's bios, et voila: it worked. I guess

I agree this should be handled by bios exclusively. My mother board ASUS P5Q
PRO gives you the option to enable it and leaves the configuration to the
OS. So in my case I have to configure both of my dual boot OS.

> In case you're not as lucky, there's also the ethtool command to configure
> some network card stuff. Excerpt from `man ethtool`:
>       -s --change
>              Allows changing some or all settings of the specified ethernet
> device.  All following options only apply if -s was specified.
>       wol p|u|m|b|a|g|s|d...
>              Sets Wake-on-LAN options.  Not all devices support this.  The
> argument to this option is a string of characters specifying which options
> to
> enable.
>              p  Wake on phy activity
>              u  Wake on unicast messages
>              m  Wake on multicast messages
>              b  Wake on broadcast messages
>              a  Wake on ARP
>              g  Wake on MagicPacket(tm)
>              s  Enable SecureOn(tm) password for MagicPacket(tm)
>              d  Disable (wake on nothing).  This option clears all previous
> options.
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> Regards,
> Ruben

I will try ethtool when I get home. This seems to be my best options.

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