WOL How to

Ruben Laban r.laban at ism.nl
Wed Jan 21 13:21:31 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 21 January 2009 at 02:06 (CET), Alex Katebi wrote:
> Anybody knows how to configure the Wake On LAN option of a NIC card in
> Ubunutu?
> WOL feature is used for powering on remotely.

I never had to configure anything for this on either Windows and Linux 
machines. Enable WOL in the system's bios, et voila: it worked. I guess YMMV. 

In case you're not as lucky, there's also the ethtool command to configure 
some network card stuff. Excerpt from `man ethtool`:

       -s --change
              Allows changing some or all settings of the specified ethernet 
device.  All following options only apply if -s was specified.

       wol p|u|m|b|a|g|s|d...
              Sets Wake-on-LAN options.  Not all devices support this.  The 
argument to this option is a string of characters specifying which options to 
              p  Wake on phy activity
              u  Wake on unicast messages
              m  Wake on multicast messages
              b  Wake on broadcast messages
              a  Wake on ARP
              g  Wake on MagicPacket(tm)
              s  Enable SecureOn(tm) password for MagicPacket(tm)
              d  Disable (wake on nothing).  This option clears all previous 


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