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Lorenzo Luengo lluengo at
Tue Jan 20 22:02:16 UTC 2009

Sam Albers escribió:
> Hello List,
> I am using Ubuntu 8.10. Here is my question.
> Do anyone have any suggestions for a decent file tagging system? I 
> have a ton of pdf's of journal articles on my CPU and I need a way to 
> quickly identify which pdf's are relevant to my current needs. That 
> is, if I am looking for a paper on salmon, nutrients and 
> deforestation, I would love a way that I could search for the PDF 
> based on those keywords. Is there any way to add tags to files to 
> enable such a keyword search? Currently I use a combination of folders 
> and JabRef. However, this is unsatisfactory as many journal articles 
> fall under multiple categories.
> I have encountered this Google Program:
> However, I thought I would ask if any knew of a good file organizing 
> system where one could add their own tags that might be better or 
> simply an sense of what other might use. Sorry if this is really 
> simple but I am becoming lost in a mess of PDF's and I figure that 
> there has to be some efficient way of doing this.
I think a quite simple method of organizing your files could be make a 
pool of files (a folder), and then as many folders as tags you need and 
under this tag make a symlink to the file in the pool.

Good luck with those pdfs!

Lorenzo Luengo Contreras
Administrador de Sistemas DGEO
Universidad de Concepción
Concepción - Chile

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