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> Chris G wrote:
> > Is there anywhere in the Synaptic Help that tells me what the
> > symbols in the second column of the package list mean?
> >
> > In the first column there's a box which is green if the package is
> > installed and has other markings used to indicate packages selected
> > for installation etc. (this is documented OK).
> >
> > However I can't find anything that tells me what the symbols in the
> > column between the box and the package name column mean.
> >
> > The particular symbol that's confusing me at the moment is a red and
> > orange ring with bits that stick out.
> >
> > I *suspect* that it means that the item marked is actually a
> > collection of packages but I wish the documentation would tell me
> > that (maybe it does, but I can't find it).
> >
> >
> >   
> See the screenshot at the following link. The last icon on this 
> screenshot is the one which I believe you are referring to, and it 
> indicates that the "package is supported" which is confusing me... I 
> thought all of the packages in the repository were supported. I
> wonder what this further distinction is intended to indicate?
> <>
> Later, Ray Parrish

Here is a page that explains "supported" quite well.
It actually is determined by the section the software is classified in.
The section column is turned off by default in synaptic. Software
classified in "Main" is the only software fully supported.

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