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Tue Jan 20 02:02:19 UTC 2009

Knapp wrote:
> Do you use Adblock plus? If not, I recommend it to you. I am always 
> shocked when I use a computer without it. I had no idea there were so 
> many ads on sites I use!
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> Douglas E Knapp
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It's no wonder I make so little on the ads on my web site with the 
number of people who use ad blocking software. I often find the ads on 
many sites annoying myself, as many web masters ignore good publishing 
practices, and place more ads than content on their pages, sometimes so 
many that it can actually be rather difficult to even find the token 
offerings of mini content blurbs they rely on to lure visitors to their 

I choose not to block ads, as they can sometimes be a resource that is 
appreciated, if they pertain to something that I am looking for, and 
appear on pages I find with similar topics to a search in progress. With 
my current broadband connection, the additional time required to 
download a page with ads isn't objectionable to me as it was when I 
still had only dial-up.

When I find one of those "more ads than content" sites, I seldom make 
the effort to find their content amongst the many ads placed in the 
middle of the page where the content should be, as well as on nearly 
every other piece of real estate the page represents. I opt instead to 
immediately leave their sites, and continue my search for pages that 
offer content first, and ads second.

Unfortunately, this misplacement of ads into the content areas is 
actually being encouraged in tips sent to me by my web site's ad 
provider, in success stories from unscrupulous publishers who practice 
this intrusive technique, so I expect to see more of it in the future. 
Many of the top search results offered up often use this "technique" as 
it becomes more prevalent, and the search engines seem to favor their 
overly commercialized bent.

I prefer to keep ads out of the way of my content on my sites, reserving 
the right margin for them, and use the rest of the page for information 
related to what the people visiting my site are actually looking for. I 
also make an effort to review the sites connected to the ads presented 
on my site, to insure that they aren't the type that are ripping people 
off, and whenI find one that does, I am able to block their ad from ever 
appearing on my site again.

For my efforts in the past year of advertising on two web sites, even 
'though my server log analyzer claims that 47% of the people who visit 
my site, bookmark it, I have earned a measly $12, and tend to blame this 
on irresponsible publishers who have driven people to using ad blocking 
software, by over populating their sites with ads in an intrusive, 
annoying manner.

Sorry for the very off topic rant, but your recommendation to yet 
another person to install ad blocking software hit a sensitive nerve. 
8-) I shall continue to publish in a responsible manner, and keep the 
ads to a minimum so people can continue to find what they come looking for.

Thanks for listening, Ray Parrish

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