No Sound since latest updates.

Nigel Henry cave.dnb2m97pp at
Sun Jan 18 19:52:40 UTC 2009

On Sunday 18 January 2009 19:56, Roger Benham wrote:
> As an update to all this:
> Using a Zen live CD I found that my sound
> worked fine. I now have inserted my Ubuntu 8.10 .iso CD and installed
> it as a live CD (I know it was as the desktop reverted to the
> installation desktop). Again the sound works fine. I'm now back on my
> updated 8.10 and once again I have no sound.
> Obviously an update has knocked it out. Thanks a lot Ubuntu.

Hi Roger.

I usually go for pulseaudio as the usual suspect, but it appears to be 
behaving itself on my Ubuntu Intrepid 8.10 install, on a machine using hda 
intel soundcard.

Have a go at opening alsamixer on Gnomes terminal, as user, as below. there 
was a problem where the PCM control was either being muted, or set back to 
zero when rebooting. I believe that was fixed with a kernel update, but you 
never know.

alsamixer -D hw:0

Perhaps you'd also post the output from the following commands.

cat /proc/asound/cards
grep ^Codec /proc/asound/card?/codec*
lsmod | grep snd

Don't give up. Most sound problems are resolvable.


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