HTML table editor wanted.

R Kimber richardkimber at
Sun Jan 18 15:07:05 UTC 2009

On Sat, 17 Jan 2009 18:40:45 +0000
Chris G wrote:

> I'm looking for a simple way to create HTML tables.  In particular I
> want to be able to create tables with various (and fairly random) row
> spans and column spans.
> I don't really mind how it works, it can be a Web based application, a
> word-processor look-alike, or something that converts a text 'source'
> file into tables.  I just want it to be simple to use.

Although I normally use Bluefish, if I'm doing a complicated table I
use Nvu, which is wysiwyg, to create the table and
then transfer the code to Bluefish.

- Richard
Richard Kimber

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