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Jeroen T. Bezemer jbezemer at
Sun Jan 18 09:16:58 UTC 2009

Andrew Robinson wrote:
> I just recently started using Unbuntu, and it was fine, but just 
> recently my computer said, "Operating System Not Found" when trying to 
> startup. So now it won't look for the system on my computer. I have 
> Unbuntu on disk, and am able to run the 'trial program' via the disk, 
> but when I try to reinstall the program I come across a problem; I get 
> up to the part where it asks for a preportion of the diskspace, but 
> gives no options anymore, so I can't go on to the next step. This is 
> frustrating because I can't save anything and it takes forever to load 
> the trial disk each time. Help please.

It looks to me like the computer does not recognize the hard-drive 
anymore, so it cannot start, and when starting from the live-cd, has 
nowhere to put it for installing.

first things to do: boot to Bios-setup and check if the drive is recognized.
If it is, you can try to reset the bios to defaults.

If it is not recognized here, you need to check the cables inside
if cables are correct, chances are your drive is bad or your mainboard 
is bad.

Regards, Groeten, etc...

Jeroen Bezemer
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