Installation problem

Mark Kirkwood markir at
Sun Jan 18 09:45:12 UTC 2009

Andrew Robinson wrote:
> I just recently started using Unbuntu, and it was fine, but just 
> recently my computer said, "Operating System Not Found" when trying to 
> startup. So now it won't look for the system on my computer. I have 
> Unbuntu on disk, and am able to run the 'trial program' via the disk, 
> but when I try to reinstall the program I come across a problem; I get 
> up to the part where it asks for a preportion of the diskspace, but 
> gives no options anymore, so I can't go on to the next step. This is 
> frustrating because I can't save anything and it takes forever to load 
> the trial disk each time. Help please.

What sort of harddrive? for instance there is currently an issue with 
Seagate drives exhibiting exactly this behaviour:



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