USB thumb drive pulled and icon left on desktop - how do I remove it??

H.S. hs.samix at
Sat Jan 17 23:56:19 UTC 2009

Jay Ridgley wrote:
> Folks,
> Yes, I know, I did it wrong...
> I did a backup to a thumb drive I had inserted in a USB port. After the 
> backup task completed and without thinking clearly, I simply pulled the 
> drive out; now the icon that indicates the 4.1 GB Media is mounted 
> remains. I have tried to unmount the drive that doesn't work and move it 
> to trash and that did not work either.
> If I put the drive back in a new icon pops up and I can unmount it and 
> that one goes away. The other one just hangs around...
> Short of logging out and back in (I am not sure that will work either, 

Logging back in should work. The nearest I have seen your situation is
when I connect a camera via the USB port. If the camera powers off by
itself (due to long inactivity), the device icon on the desktop does not
go away. If I replug the camera, a new icon appears. I have not been
able to remove the icon that was left over by any other means than to



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