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Sat Jan 17 18:48:06 UTC 2009

On Sat, 2009-01-17 at 19:24 +0100, frmas wrote:

> Hmmm, from your post and the tests I did, the problem could be somewhere
> else, so. I have a local lan, and running from my laptop (homelaptop)
> the following command :
> ssh -X homeserver -p 5317
> it works fine, but the auth log file on the "server", shows a connection
> from computer homelaptop with ip So I wonder whether or
> not the ssh connection is thru the local network only or thru the
> internet first, then thru my local network.
> Then, the pb could come from my router, and its configuration. Francois

Your tests indicate the ssh configuration on the server is fine.  It
sounds like you are blocking a connection from the Internet on your
firewall.  I suspect the firewall is setup to return an ICMP Connection
refused packet when a connection request is received on port 5317.
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