Matthew Flaschen matthew.flaschen at gatech.edu
Wed Jan 14 17:44:11 UTC 2009

Keith wrote:
> Hopefully I will become a newcomer to the world of Linux,namely, Ubuntu 8.11
> I have downloaded the software to a CD ( I think you call this an ISO). I booted 
> from the CD, no problem....great. I like what I saw.
> Rather than partition my harddrive ( I'm using XP Professional) I would like to 
> install a programme called VirtualBox, why I'm not sure.

Then, perhaps you should reconsider.  Partitioning your hard drive means
you have both OS's on their own partition.  For example, with an 80 GB
hard drive you could do:

20 GB Windows
20 GB Ubuntu
40 GB shared data

Assuming you want to keep Windows, this will give you the best

> This where I need some Advice:
> 1. Dual boot , does this mean I can flip between Windows and Linux at will 
> without rebooting my computer.... or am I being very naive.

No, a dual boot system is what I described earlier.  Only one runs at once.

> 2. When I start my computer up, I presume it will give me the choice of which 
> programme to initially boot up


> 4. I would like the default startup to be Windows until I am comfortable with 
> Ubuntu...if not can it be changed to Windows( remember I'm no rocket scientist)

You can easily set the default to Windows.

> 5. And so can I change the startup once I gain confidence using Ubuntu,


Note that if you want to change between Windows and Ubuntu without
rebooting, this is not dual-booting, but rather virtualization.
VirtualBox is one virtualization program.  You can use VirtualBox to run
Windows "inside" Ubuntu, or Ubuntu inside Windows.

Either way, you'll get worse performance than dual-booting (though
better flexibility).

Matt Flaschen

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