Gmail gone mad

Mark Kirkwood markir at
Sat Jan 10 22:53:04 UTC 2009

Karl F. Larsen wrote:
>     I have had occasional problems with Gmail flipping a panel up in my 
> face asking for my gmail password. I have given it and clicked on the 
> box saying save it in password manager. But toady it's gone mad. Every 
> 15 seconds it is asking for the password and will not allow me to send 
> the email.
>     I tested the password and it works fine on Firefox to bring up my 
> gmail pages.

I have been seeing this off and on for a month or so too - using Gmail 
via IMAP in Thunderbird. I'm not sure if POP users are seeing this too, 
but it seems to be a known issue with Gmail and IMAP.

 From what I could find on the web, no-one is sure *why* it is 
happening, but as the Webmail interface to Gmail does not seem to 
exhibit this, I suspect high load on Google IMAP servers is the culprit. 
Maybe they thought only a comparitively few folks would want to access 
their mail this way, and are a bit light on their IMAP infrastructure.



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