default window size to full screen problem

don fisher hdf3 at
Sat Jan 10 21:59:16 UTC 2009


I have the gconf-editor, but did not see the fields you describe.

I come from worse than windows. I was on fedora, and used a low level 
window manager,  fvwm2, where I set controls by editing files. I do get 
a bit lost in the "user friendly" interfaces.

The files are in ~/.gconf. I greped the entire tree and could not find 
any reference to maximize or full screen that appears appropriate. The 
file manager is nautilus, panel is gnome, window manager is metacity. 
Under metacity/general, there is something called "visual_bell_type" 
which is set to fullscreen. Do you know what that is or does?


Ray Parrish wrote
> don fisher wrote:
>> I have managed to arrange my system so that in both gnome and kde the 
>> windows, such as gterm, synaptics, etc load incorrectly. They first 
>> appear the correct size, the in about 1/2 second they expand to full 
>> screen, like maximized. When I right click on the tab in the panel, I 
>> have the option on Unmaximize. When I execute this option the window 
>> returns to normal size. But this is a pain for every window that is opened.
>> There must be a default that I have set by mistake, but I am unable to 
>> find it. Any assistance would be appreciated.
>> don
> Hello,
> On the Applications, System Tools menu you should find Configuration 
> Editor. In this tool you will find entries for all of the programs on 
> your system, and part of the settings you can apply to them there are 
> their window sizes, initial positions onscreen, and whether they should 
> be opened Maximized or not. Too bad it wasn't that easy in windows... 8-)
> If you don't find it there , install the package "gconf-editor" and you 
> will have it then.
> Later, Ray Parrish

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