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CLIFFORD ILKAY clifford_ilkay at
Fri Jan 9 21:33:59 UTC 2009

Ernst Doubt wrote:
> I work at a small college and we have a need for a system to manage
> our assets (computers, networking gear, printers, software, etc...)
> that's much more pressing than our need to upgrade our trouble ticket
> system (we currently leverage trac for that, somewhat unsuccessfully
> as it has a ticketing system that's more geared to an open source
> software project than it is to a small college helpdesk).   But it
> seems silly to look at an Asset database solution that doesn't have a
> way to integrate easily with a good trouble-ticket system.
> In the end I'm sure that we could get funding to buy a purchased,
> proprietary system that would probably be adequate, but I'm wondering
> if any of you have suggestions of software packages (especially
> open-source/free software solutions) that I might want to look into.
> Network autodiscovery of assets is definitely *not* a requirement.
> Really what I want is a robust DB schema with a decent (presumably
> web-based) front-end.   Postgresql is preferred (though not the only
> back end we would consider).
> We have a total of 700 or so users (if you count all students faculty
> and staff) and a very small staff (just a few of us with another half
> dozen or so student workers), but it's important that we be able to
> integrate (in order to leverage credentials and groups) with our
> existing LDAP server (which is fairly vanilla OpenLDAP).

I encountered OCS Inventory NG <> in my
recent travels but I haven't deployed it yet. I probably wouldn't use
its package deployment features because I'm using cfengine for
configuration management. I think I have seen a plug-in for ticketing
for this.

Cobbler also <> has elements of what
you seek.

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