No Sound since latest updates.

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Fri Jan 9 21:03:15 UTC 2009

Roger Benham wrote:
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>     On Friday 09 January 2009 11:39:54 am Roger Benham wrote:
>     > Running fully up to date 8.10, I have no sound on Movie Player, Dragon
>     > Player, KMPlayer, VLC Player, gxine. Any suggestions as to what I should
>     > do? I've tried a restart.
>     >
>     The motherboard of your computer is probably the source of your sound signal. 
>     The motherboard is made by ASUS and will have
>      a model number shown at startup 
>     time. So you might see A7M-22VM for example, or something like that. Also 
>     there probably is a motherboard manual - a little book of about 100 pages - 
>     in the bit bag and it will say on the cover what motherboard  you have. If 
>     you send this information to the list when you make a request the people who 
>     theoretically can help you will have more of the information they need to 
>     give a good answer.
>     If on the other hand the sound card is discrete, added after the fact and not 
>     integrated into the motherboard, then you can perhaps supply the name and 
>     model, for the same reason.
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    Being this is Ubuntu 8.10 and there were problems in the beginning 
of this version with sound, I suggest you right click the little 
speakers in the upper right hand corner by the date. Select to Open 
Volume Control and make sure they are turned up.  


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