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Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at gmail.com
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> Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
>> My Friend Scott, You may be correct that this list is an international Ubuntu user list and I know people form around the world post to it.  However, when I first signed up for Ubuntu Users, I clicked the American English list and this list url is what I got. so, for my purpose, this is the American Ubuntu list.  If you know something more than I do then please post the url, err email address for the American Ubuntu user list as I like to investigate it.
>> Thanks for your input.  BTW, in my area of southeast Texas, the closest LUG in in Houston, Texas and they are either inactive or dead as they do not answer several emails I have sent to them.  Hmmm, or maybe they just didn't like my questions posed.-:))
> First, it wasn't Scott but I who pointed out that this is an
> international list, not solely an American one. Second, even if it were
> an "American" list, the U.S. is a big place. What would someone from
> Maine know about New Mexico ISPs? I can't believe this isn't obvious.
> Finally, that a city the size of Houston doesn't have a viable LUG
> (according to you) is a sad state of affairs. Perhaps you ought to start
> one in your area. Universities and colleges are usually good places to
> recruit LUG members.
> Getting back to finding a local ISP, even a cursory Google search for
> <find isp new mexico> yields many results.
> <http://www.dslreports.com/forums/all>, which is not limited to just DSL
> providers, is also a good resource.
    All I learned I already knew...Qwest is the ONLY DSL service in Las 



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