Laser Printer Advice

Bart Silverstrim bsilver at
Thu Jan 8 15:47:26 UTC 2009

Roger Benham wrote:
> I'm asking for advice as to what starter level colour laser printer
> is recommended for Ubuntu 8.10. I'd rather not spend a lot of money
> as this is going to be for home use and not production use. The
> quality of colour prints is for graphical rather than for photographs
> (which I get done professionally as I sell those to the public).
> Lexmark ink jet printers work fine enough for us but it is galling
> how little time elapses between fill-ups especially since those cost
> more than the printer (why is ink so expensive? Does it contain
> platinum?). 

Per ounce it's probably more expensive.

I believe the one I am using is an HP 3505 right now, but I think they 
were discontinued. *most* HP's we've had decent luck with. I had a 
Samsung CLP-600 that kept giving fuser underheat and overhead problems 
repeatedly and unpredictably so I trashed it. There was one model HP I 
had (probably in the archives) that liked to jam up by not feeding 
properly. But overall we've still had the best luck with the HP lasers.

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