Laser Printer Advice

Omer Barlas omer at
Thu Jan 8 15:11:39 UTC 2009

Roger Benham @ 08-01-2009 17:02:
> I'm asking for advice as to what starter level colour laser printer is
> recommended for Ubuntu 8.10. I'd rather not spend a lot of money as this
> is going to be for home use and not production use. The quality of
> colour prints is for graphical rather than for photographs (which I get
> done professionally as I sell those to the public). Lexmark ink jet
> printers work fine enough for us but it is galling how little time
> elapses between fill-ups especially since those cost more than the
> printer (why is ink so expensive? Does it contain platinum?).
> Thanks,
> Roger from northern British Columbia.

we have been using Samsung CLP-510 in our office for about a year now, and
it has no major problems with Linux. Also toners are refillable, though you
might have to hold Menu key and power on the machine to skip checking of
toners if they are authentic or not ;)

Omer Barlas
omer at

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