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Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 8 14:01:38 UTC 2009

Derek Broughton wrote:
> Karl F. Larsen wrote:
>>         So now I am looking at options. I can find my old 56k telephone
>> modem and go back to Juno. I can get Qwest to just send me the Internet
>> without a email server.
> Regardless of the mail server issue, I'd hate to be forced to go with a 
> carrier that treats customers the way they have.  otoh, I have an ISP like 
> that - when you're forced to use satellite Internet, you don't get much 
> competition here...
>> I can use the web based internet, or the Gmail I
>> am now using to send this message to the list. I can try to find another
>> local Internet provider for email service.
> Go GMail.
>>         I am thinking I prefer Gmail to solve the email problem. Today I
>> use Gmail to IMAP email to both my main computer and my laptop. A
>> problem is that my wife uses WindowsXP and I am not sure Windows likes
>> IMAP. For sure she will hate a new email address :-)
> First, even Lookout Express does IMAP just fine.  But of course, just because 
> _you're_ accessing Gmail via IMAP doesn't mean she has to - she could still 
> use POP.  And I solve the" yet another new email address" issue by using my 
> own domain, pointing its MX to gmail and getting the best of both worlds.  
> If, down the road, I stop using gmail for my mail server, I don't need to 
> change my address again.  Still, even for business email, I can't get my 
> wife to stop using that %^&*( hotmail address :-(
>>         The other approach will be to hire another local Internet
>> provider that Qwest likes. One does exist and it can be done. I will
>> explore this tomorrow.
> Yeah, but what's to stop QWest doing the same thing to them down the road?  
> No possibility of a non-QWest service?
    This area which is Las Cruces, NM where I live, and 50 miles away is 
El Paso TX. We had years ago a local dial-up provider by the name of 
Anthony Smith who owned the URL zianet.com and he gave great service and 
when DSL was offered he worked with Qwest with no problems. Then Smith 
moved to Albuquerque and sold the zianet.com to SkiWi the current all NM 
dial-up and DSL company.

    SkiWi is the company that caused the problem with Qwest by taking 
them to court. This appears to be unwise for the following reason:

    Qwest is the ONLY telephone company in this part of the world. Qwest 
is the only source of Internet in this area.

    Someone has to get some number of T-3 telephone terminals and enter 
the Internet world. We need Anthony Smith who is a college trained 
business man to interface with Qwest and do this dirty job well! You do 
not sue the hand feeding you :-)

    As you see every byte of Internet comes via Qwest.



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